Fourth of July DWI or BWI – Immediate Assistance Required

Whether you are celebrating in Addison at Kaboom Town, McKinney at Red, White & Boom, Rockin’ the River in Fort Worth, or actually on Lake Lewisville; if you land in jail as a result of a Driving (or Boating) While Intoxicated charge over the holiday weekend the consequences will be serious. You could be jailed for an extended time and face hefty fines. Additionally, a conviction will be on your record forever. Importantly, a record that any potential employer, landlord, or bank could will be able access easily. If you find yourself under arrest for DWI or BWI, immediately contacting a criminal defense attorney is vital.

Obviously, a holiday weekend will see an increased presence of law enforcement on the roadways (and lakes – where a Boating While Intoxicated charge is as equally painful as a DWI). Without immediate assistance from a criminal defense attorney, you will likely spend an extended weekend in jail. And with the legal holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, local courts may be running with a less-than-full staff – or no staff at all – until the middle of next week. This means that if you are arrested over the Fourth of July weekend, you may not see a judge for 48 hours – thereby significantly delaying your release from custody.

Do not delay in retaining a legal defense. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family if you are arrested for Driving (or Boating) While Intoxicated is to consult with a criminal defense attorney about your case right away. I, or any Rosenthal & Wadas attorney, can assist with immediate release from jail, then carefully guide you through the legal process that will be ahead of you. Our office is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 972-369-0577.