July 4th Weekend Is Here

July 4th weekend is here, and the furthest thing from your mind is being arrested for DWI. But keep in mind that law enforcement agencies will be out in force, watching for any signs of erratic driving, and ready to pull you over for the slightest reason.

What should you do to avoid being pulled over?
First and foremost, don’t drink and drive; designate a driver, use Uber or Lyft, or stay at home and host the barbecue yourself. Watch how much you drink, and by all means don’t take “one for the road.” Make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are in working order – headlights, brake lights, turn signal indicator lights, and don’t forget that little light over your car’s license plate. Be sure to obey all speed and traffic laws, and remember to use your turn signals. Many times, a driver will believe they are ok to drive after a drink or two. A police officer only needs “reasonable suspicion” to pull you over. Meaning, they saw an action that gave him enough reason to believe that you may have committed even the most-minor of traffic violations. These could include:

  • Not wearing your seat belt
  • Only having one license plate
  • Failure to use a turn signal 100 feet prior to your turn
  • Improper tinting
  • Taking a wide turn
  • Not yielding to right-of-way traffic

In Texas, there are harsh penalties for DWI convictions. If you or a loved one is arrested for DWI, act quickly and hire an experienced Collin County criminal defense attorney. Don’t risk your future, add my contact information to your cell phone 214-924-1592.
Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!