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Corporate law (also known as business law or enterprise law or sometimes company law) is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, companies, organizations, and businesses. It refers to the legal practice relating to, or the theory of corporations. Corporate law often describes the law relating to matters which derive directly from the life-cycle of a corporation. It thus encompasses the formation, funding, governance, and death of a corporation. While corporate law is something that all corporations must be familiar with in order to operate successfully, many fail to retain the counsel of a certified, experienced corporate and business law attorney. Protect your business’s interests by working with The Cawlfield Law Firm, PLLC today.

What Are Corporate and Business Law?

While the minute nature of corporate governance as personified by share ownership, capital market, and business culture rules differ, similar legal characteristics – and legal problems – exist across many jurisdictions. Corporate law regulates how corporations, investors, shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another. Whilst the term company or business law is colloquially used interchangeably with corporate law, business law often refers to wider concepts of commercial law, that is, the law relating to commercial or business-related activities. In some cases, this may include matters relating to corporate governance or financial law. When used as a substitute for corporate law, business law means the law relating to the business corporation(or business enterprises), i.e. capital raising (through equity or debt), company formation, registration, etc.

For businesses and corporations throughout Celina, Texas and the surrounding areas, our experienced corporate law attorneys at The Cawlfield Law Firm, PLLC can provide your company with the legal advice it needs to successfully navigate the business and legal landscape. Call our law firm today to learn more about how we can serve you.

Our Business Law Practices Areas

Our legal team has experience assisting businesses that are navigating various business and corporate law matters. Our business law practices areas include, but are not limited to–

  • Business formation. For startups, the legal structure that is selected for a business will have a large impact on myriad elements of the business moving forward, including things like business shares, taxes, and liability. Our law firm can advise you regarding which type of business structure is most appropriate for your enterprise (i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation, or corporation), as well as represent you in gathering the proper documentation and applications for registering your business. From there, we’ll also assist you in navigating things like taxes, employee agreements, and more based on your business structure.
  • Employee agreements and labor laws. For businesses that hire employees, understanding the state and federal laws related to labor is critical; an error could result in fines and legal issues, including litigation, in some cases. Our lawyers will represent you in making sense of wage and hour laws, workers’ compensation laws, discrimination laws, OSHA requirements, paid and unpaid leave laws, and more. We can also assist you in forming employee contacts, and represent you in any employment disputes. We can also provide representation in the formation and execution of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Contracts. Businesses enter numerous contracts as part of their operations, ranging from contracts with employees, other businesses, suppliers, distributors, construction contractors, and more. Our law firm provides representation in drafting and negotiating contracts, reviewing contracts, and representing our clients in breach of contract cases.
  • Real estate matters. Businesses may buy or sell real estate, lease real estate, rent from another party, or pursue new construction projects. Real estate transactions can be complicated and there is a lot of room for error – making a mistake, breaching a contract, or failing to understand your rights can be costly. Engaging in a real estate transaction without a commercial real estate attorney on your side is a short-sighted endeavor.
  • Business disputes. At some point during the lifetime of your business, it is highly likely, if not guaranteed, that your business will find itself in some sort of dispute. Common types of disputes include partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, employee disputes, and breach of contract disputes; however, this list is not inclusive. Our experienced business attorney can help you to mitigate the worst outcomes of a dispute, advise you of your options, represent you in business mediation, and litigate on your behalf should it come to that.
  • Risk management counsel. Risk management counsel refers to work with an attorney who can foresee business risks and implement recommendations and actions to mitigate such risk. This can be important to your business’s reputation, finances, and relationships long-term. Our philosophy is that it’s always best to take preventative measures to avoid disputes and legal challenges in advance as opposed to trying to remedy a mistake or dispute once it’s no longer avoidable.

We also provide counsel related to corporate governance and financial law.

Who We Represent

Our business and commercial lawyers work with businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. To be sure, we can represent insurance companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, startups, medium-sized businesses, industrial companies, healthcare and educational institutions, and more.

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At the Cawlfield Law Firm, PLLC, we are passionate about representing businesses in our community and helping businesses like yours thrive. We know that the legal and regulatory landscape for businesses can be complex and that your energy is better spent managing your company’s operations. For general counsel in regards to business matters and risk mitigation or help on a specific issue, please contact our Celina corporate and business law attorneys today for a consultation. We always take a customized approach to developing solutions for your business, and always prioritize your best interests.

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