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If I die, who will care for my children?

If I die, who will care for my

In Texas, the government, courts, and a judge (all strangers to your family and children) will decide who will raise your children if you die without leaving clear instructions behind.  This can obviously lead to difficulties (delays, uncertainty, fighting) at a time when your children need constant comfort, care, and stability.  These problems may become even more complex when tragedy strikes single parents and blended families.

  • Where
    will my children live?
  • Will
    my children be separated from one another? 
  • Will
    they be moved away from their friends? 
  • Where
    will they go to school? 
  • Who
    will buy their clothes and groceries? 

clear, legal instructions from their parents, these (and many, many more) questions
will be answered by strangers and family members you have left behind.  And even families that are normally loving
and happy, commonly fight – and fracture – when arguing over “what is best” for
the children that have been left behind. 

problems can easily be avoided by making clear Guardianship arrangements for
your children in the case of your untimely passing.  A well-written Guardianship directive makes
clear your instructions and puts you firmly in control of who cares for your
children if you are ever unable to care for them yourself. 

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