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What exactly is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning, which we do at regularly at The Cawlfield
Law Firm, is a catch-all term than can actually sound lavish, and even a bit
complicated.  At first glance, many of
you reading this might think, “why do I need Estate Planning when I don’t have
an estate?”  In reality though, nearly
everyone has an estate and the practice of Estate Planning could just as easily
be called “Family Planning.” 

If you have a wristwatch, you have an estate.  Your home, and all of its furnishings, are
part of your estate.  Even your pets are within
your estate.  In fact, if you own the
device on which you are reading this, you have an estate.

On the surface, Estate Planning includes the creation and
execution of Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Medical Release Authorizations.  Importantly, it also includes designating who
will be the Guardian of your children in the event of tragedy.  Without this planning, decisions will be made
by the government and decided for you – even who will care for, and raise, your

Obviously, all of these matters are tied closely to you and your
family, which is why Estate Planning could just as easily be called “Family
Planning.”  In essence, YOU are planning
and preparing – making very important, personal, family decisions – for those
closest to YOU.  Which is obviously why
this type of planning is so important. 
Otherwise, these important family decisions will eventually be made by
someone for you.

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